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Plans for Canadians

Are you planning a family vacation or business trip? Maybe you want to head south for a change of scenery. Travelling can be an adventure. But to keep your trip from being too much of an adventure, due to an unexpected illness or accident, make sure you're protected. Talk to us today about travel insurance.

Claims FAQ for TIC Travel Insurance

Q: What should I do and what will happen if I have to be hospitalized?

A: Contact TIC Emergency Assistance within 24 hours of being admitted and TIC will:
- Confirm coverage with facility
- Do their best to ensure that you receive the necessary medical treatment
- Communicate with both treating and family physician to determine eligibility as soon as possible
- Arrange billing procedures
- If required, arrange for air ambulance to return you to Canada.

Q: If I have been air evacuated, will I be able to resume my vacation once I get better?

A: Yes, this is true with Emergency Hospital & Medical Plans for Canadians when your air evacuation was arranged and coordinated by TIC. Your TIC policy will not expire once you return to Canada. As long as your policy is in force, you will be able to resume your vacation. TIC will pay for a one-way economy flight for you to return to the city where the evacuation commenced so you can continue your vacation.

Q: When should I submit my claim?

A: You should submit your claim for hospital/medical expenses within 30 days of the date of loss. Please contact the Claims Department for necessary claim forms or go to the Forms section.

Q: Why do I have to complete the provincial health claim forms?

A: Travel insurance is designed to pay in excess of the provincial health plans. As a service to our customers, TIC has made arrangements with most provinces to pay your claim first, and then submit to the provincial health plan on your behalf. Please check the downloadable forms or call our office for further details.

Q: Why do I need to submit the original receipts?

A: The provincial health plans will only accept original receipts. TIC will keep file copies and submit the originals to the provincial health plans. You should keep a file copy as well.

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